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"The plant, known as Audrey II, is a puppet which will be operated by one cast member and will be half the size of Foakes Hall stage at its largest."  Dunmow Broadcast


Little Shop of Horrors

by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken

Director Iain Court

Musical Director Karen Chinery

Choreography Abi Carsberg

"...an entertaining and enjoyable evening, thank you for inviting me and for your excellent hospitality."NODA

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By Katherine Heslop

The Dunmow Players are limbering up for their production of Little Shop of Horrors, a musical which will include a gigantic man-eating plant that will take up half of the stage when fully grown.

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By Cat Barkley

The Dunmow Players are staging their take on much-loved musical Little Shop of Horrors.

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By Daniel Surey

Love, gore and fertiliser will collide when the classic comedy musical Little Shop of Horrors comes to Great Dunmow.

Tessa Davies

NODA Review

This show has had a cult following for as long as I can remember, so I was a bit surprised by the relatively small audience at the performance I watched.  This is such a shame as the entire cast did an excellent job of performing this show.

It is a small cast show and Dunmow Players have gathered a very strong group together for this production.  Shane Sykes played Seymour and his performance was perfectly balanced and very well played.  Jessica Daniel played Audrey, and this was also a very good performance.   Both Principals have excellent singing voices which they used to great effect.   Chris Cray played Mushnik with great confidence, especially as it was his first appearance on stage.  His singing was strong, but it was a shame that he did not maintain the Jewish-American accent through the show.   Kris Tyler played dentist Orin Scrivello, a really great part and one that you just cannot overplay.  I would have liked to see him even more over the top than he was, but it was still a good performance.

The three urchins, Emily Robshaw (Crystal) Mollie Blake (Ronnette) and Faye Kelbie (Chiffon) were all good; excellent singers and great characterisation.  Faye used a very strong accent which, coupled with her speed of delivery, made it a little bit difficult to understand.  Mollie and Emily played their accents down enough to be effective but understandable.  All three looked good and performed well.

Photography by Natalie Wilson from Erin May Photography